They’re calm and adaptive.
And have a + 1 to their Dodge.

They’re creative and joyful.
And gain 1 profession proficiency.

They’re mostly have freedom on their mind.
They gain +1A to break free out the Grappled and
Restrained condition.

Sweet and caring are they born under this sign.
They’re Proficient in Persuasion.

They’re born with passion and don’t do things halfhearted, their emotions are always 100% one way (Sad, angry, etc.)
They have +1A against the Charmed condition.

They’re violent in nature and easy to anger.
They’re Proficient in Intimidation.

These creatures are naturally better than others in their ability’s,
you gain +1 point to spend on any ability score.

They’re protective nature tries to help others in need.
Can switch places with a creature that’s being attacked that’s within 1 meter (3ft.) from it, and take the damage (ignoring AR) without using a reaction.

These unlucky creatures have the least amount of luck in their lives, as misfortune follows them.
When rolling a 1 (on any and all dice) they take 1 random point of damage. (GM’s choice)
Afterwards they may then re-roll a single die once, you cannot use this feature again until the next separate roll of 1 (not the re-roll of this feature).

if they roll multiple 1's in one roll. they have a pool of re-rolls that they must deplete before this feature is triggered again.

the 1 point of damage will always trigger if they have a pool or not.

They’re hopeful even in the darkest of moments.
They gain a + 2 on the Response order and Persuasion.

These brave warriors are almost born with their weapons.
You can choose one weapon that will be your fate weapon .
( + 1 on all of that weapon attack rolls).

They’re determined and sturdy.
When rolling for HP, you can take half + 1 the max dice roll when you roll lower .
(Example rolling a 1, 2 or a 3 on a D6 you can take 4).

They’re honest nature makes it hard to lie.

+1DA on Deception but + 3 on Persuasion.